Polkadot JS APIGlobals"codec/BTreeSet"BTreeSet

# Class: BTreeSet <V>

# Type parameters

V: Codec

# Hierarchy

  • Set‹V›


# Implements

# Index

# Constructors

# Properties

# Accessors

# Methods

# Constructors

# constructor

+ new BTreeSet(registry: Registry, valType: Constructor‹V› | keyof InterfaceTypes, rawValue?: Uint8Array | string | string[] | Set‹any›): BTreeSet

Defined in packages/types/src/codec/BTreeSet.ts:86


Name Type
registry Registry
valType Constructor‹V› | keyof InterfaceTypes
rawValue? Uint8Array | string | string[] | Set‹any›

Returns: BTreeSet

# Properties

# Readonly [Symbol.toStringTag]

[Symbol.toStringTag]: string

Inherited from BTreeSet.[Symbol.toStringTag]

Defined in node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.es2015.symbol.wellknown.d.ts:138

# Readonly registry

registry: Registry

Implementation of Codec.registry

Defined in packages/types/src/codec/BTreeSet.ts:84

# Readonly size

size: number

Inherited from BTreeSet.size

Defined in node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.es2015.collection.d.ts:64

# Static Set

Set: SetConstructor

Defined in node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.es2015.collection.d.ts:71

# Accessors

# encodedLength

get encodedLength(): number

Defined in packages/types/src/codec/BTreeSet.ts:106

description The length of the value when encoded as a Uint8Array

Returns: number

# hash

get hash(): H256

Defined in packages/types/src/codec/BTreeSet.ts:119

description Returns a hash of the value

Returns: H256

# isEmpty

get isEmpty(): boolean

Defined in packages/types/src/codec/BTreeSet.ts:126

description Checks if the value is an empty value

Returns: boolean

# Methods

# [Symbol.iterator]

[Symbol.iterator](): IterableIterator‹V›

Inherited from BTreeSet.[Symbol.iterator]

Defined in node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.es2015.iterable.d.ts:171

Iterates over values in the set.

Returns: IterableIterator‹V›

# add

add(value: V): this

Inherited from BTreeSet.add

Defined in node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.es2015.collection.d.ts:59


Name Type
value V

Returns: this

# clear

clear(): void

Inherited from BTreeSet.clear

Defined in node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.es2015.collection.d.ts:60

Returns: void

# delete

delete(value: V): boolean

Inherited from BTreeSet.delete

Defined in node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.es2015.collection.d.ts:61


Name Type
value V

Returns: boolean

# entries

entries(): IterableIterator‹[V, V]›

Inherited from BTreeSet.entries

Defined in node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.es2015.iterable.d.ts:175

Returns an iterable of [v,v] pairs for every value v in the set.

Returns: IterableIterator‹[V, V]›

# eq

eq(other?: unknown): boolean

Implementation of Codec

Defined in packages/types/src/codec/BTreeSet.ts:133

description Compares the value of the input to see if there is a match


Name Type
other? unknown

Returns: boolean

# forEach

forEach(callbackfn: function, thisArg?: any): void

Inherited from BTreeSet.forEach

Defined in node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.es2015.collection.d.ts:62


callbackfn: function

▸ (value: V, value2: V, set: Set‹V›): void


Name Type
value V
value2 V
set Set‹V›

Optional thisArg: any

Returns: void

# has

has(value: V): boolean

Inherited from BTreeSet.has

Defined in node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.es2015.collection.d.ts:63


Name Type
value V

Returns: boolean

# keys

keys(): IterableIterator‹V›

Inherited from BTreeSet.keys

Defined in node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.es2015.iterable.d.ts:179

Despite its name, returns an iterable of the values in the set,

Returns: IterableIterator‹V›

# toHex

toHex(): string

Defined in packages/types/src/codec/BTreeSet.ts:140

description Returns a hex string representation of the value. isLe returns a LE (number-only) representation

Returns: string

# toHuman

toHuman(isExtended?: undefined | false | true): AnyJson

Implementation of Codec

Defined in packages/types/src/codec/BTreeSet.ts:147

description Converts the Object to to a human-friendly JSON, with additional fields, expansion and formatting of information


Name Type
isExtended? undefined | false | true

Returns: AnyJson

# toJSON

toJSON(): AnyJson

Implementation of Codec

Defined in packages/types/src/codec/BTreeSet.ts:160

description Converts the Object to JSON, typically used for RPC transfers

Returns: AnyJson

# toRawType

toRawType(): string

Implementation of Codec

Defined in packages/types/src/codec/BTreeSet.ts:173

description Returns the base runtime type name for this instance

Returns: string

# toString

toString(): string

Implementation of Codec

Defined in packages/types/src/codec/BTreeSet.ts:180

description Returns the string representation of the value

Returns: string

# toU8a

toU8a(isBare?: undefined | false | true): Uint8Array

Defined in packages/types/src/codec/BTreeSet.ts:188

description Encodes the value as a Uint8Array as per the SCALE specifications


Name Type Description
isBare? undefined | false | true true when the value has none of the type-specific prefixes (internal)

Returns: Uint8Array

# values

values(): IterableIterator‹V›

Inherited from BTreeSet.values

Defined in node_modules/typescript/lib/lib.es2015.iterable.d.ts:184

Returns an iterable of values in the set.

Returns: IterableIterator‹V›

# Static with

with<V>(valType: Constructor‹V› | keyof InterfaceTypes): ConstructorBTreeSet‹V››

Defined in packages/types/src/codec/BTreeSet.ts:95

Type parameters:

V: Codec


Name Type
valType Constructor‹V› | keyof InterfaceTypes

Returns: ConstructorBTreeSet‹V››