UI utilities, libraries and React components in use across @polkadot projects


A flexible identity icon generator supporting a number of display styles based on theme.


An extension to the base keyring that allows for additions such as browser storage.


Utilities for formatting and working with settings inside any browser-based application.


This is a collection of UI (React) libraries, utlities and classes that allows for easier use of the Polkadot JS infrastructure inside your apps.


In a rush and just want examples? Jump right in and get a handle the libraries in your projects.

Available packages

This repository split up into a number of internal packages, namely -

  • identicon Display of identity icons based on theme
  • keyring A keyring with browser-specific extensions
  • settings Setting management and defaults
  • util UI-specific utility functions

The Polkadot Project

You can read more about the Polkadot Network at https://polkadot.network/ and more about the polkadot-js projects at https://polkadot.js.org

Github repositories

You can find the Polkadot repositories at:

This documentation is generated from https://github.com/polkadot-js/ui


Contribution to the Polkadot JS projects are more than welcome. You can report issues and log feature requests.