We support multiple UI frameworks, including React, React Native and Vue.


A flexible identity icon generator supporting a number of display styles based on theme.


An extension to the base keyring that allows for additions such as browser storage.

# Welcome

This is a collection of UI libraries, utilities and classes that allows for easier use of the Polkadot JS infrastructure inside your apps.

Getting started

For those new to these repose, we provide a getting started guide to take you from the tame to the insane.

# Available packages

This repository split up into a number of internal packages, namely -

  • Examples take a short dive into some functionality, either for React, React Native and Vue.
  • Identicons display identity icons based on theme, available for React also availble for React Native and Vue
  • keyring A keyring with browser-specific extensions
  • settings Setting management and defaults

# The Polkadot Project

You can read more about the Polkadot Network at and more about the polkadot-js projects at

# Github repositories

You can find the Polkadot repositories at:

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# Contributing

Contribution to the Polkadot JS projects are more than welcome. You can report issues and log feature requests.