Polkadot JS UI libraries

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# @polkadot/ui-shared/beachball

Adapted from Jazzicon by Dan Finlay with the following changes -

  • Random values now is read from the Uint8Array supplied (as opposed to having the seed as a number). This allows us to give an publicKey/address as an input and use those values in the pattern generation.
  • Upgrade to the underlying color library
  • Generate circles as shapes (instead of rectangles)
  • Interface updated to take in optional className & style
  • Update everywhere to use ES6
  • Split source into self-contained functions (TODO: future testing)
  • Everything has been updated to use flow
  • Test the library functions
  • Copyright headers added (original also under Apache-2.0)

# Usage

Also see src/demo.js for a randomly generated example.